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AUK Logistics is a reliable partnership that provides shipment service worldwide

When you choose AUK Logistics, you choose those efficiencies, reliability, superior local service, visibility, and lower costs

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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We believe that when our services consistently results in high level of customer satisfaction.

Air Freight

Both of us know the reason why you pay air freight rates, and we will make it happen in the way you expected, for every time.

Ecommerce Logistics

We will receive, putaway, picking, packing, shipping for you, and... dispose of the rubbish as well.

“U” Warehouse

The warehousing services we create are: Serve In Your Ways. As we believed that the best one knows how your productions need to be handled is you.

Sea Freight

AUK can break down complex Sea Freight services into legos and transform into a vessel moving your box.

Custom Brokerage

We can figure out your next new production's duty & GST in a second. Talk to us for free consultant.

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