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Import, Taxes & Custom Clearance

Things you buy over the internet will have the same rules, duties and screening processes applied as any other import.

For goods with a value of AUD1000 or less, there are generally no duties, taxes or charges to pay at the border.

For goods with a value over AUD1000, you will need to fill out an Import Declaration, and pay duties, taxes and charges at the border.

Value of your goods will based on FOB value.

Import Duty is 5% based on FOB value of your goods converted to Australian Dollar.,_Insurance_and_Freight
Import GST is 10% based on total CIF & duty value of your goods plus cost of freight and insurances.,_Insurance_and_Freight
Customs Compile Fee or Import Processing Fee is also applied, and its variance depend on type of transports and value of your goods.
Type From $1,000 to $9,999 From $10,000
Air Freight $88 $191
Sea Freight $99 $201
To get the accurate amount, please speak to an expert customs broker.

To import goods with a value over AUD1000, you need to lodge an Import Declaration. The Import Declaration provides information about the goods you are importing.

You may use the services of a licensed customs broker to help you import your goods.

“Goods with a value of over AUD1000”

An import declaration is required when a consignment of imported goods has a combined value of over AUD1,000 and is being cleared into home consumption.

All applicable duties, taxes and charges must be paid before the goods can be released.

An Import declaration is a statement made by the importer (owner of the goods), or their agent (licensed customs broker),the%20goods%20can%20be%20released.
The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service was the Australian government agency responsible for enforcing Australian quarantine laws, as part of the Department of Agriculture.

Quarantine Biosecurity Import requirements have played a critical role in minimising the risk and shaping our nation to become one of the few countries in the world to remain free from the world’s most severe pests and diseases.

Quarantine and Processing Fee will be applied if your goods require to be inspected by Customs.

Most of the cases, customs clearance process will be completed on the same day after we have received your payment.

However, it will take up to 3 weeks for some shipments which require X-ray check, Quarantine or Inspection by Customs officers. 

In some circumstances, it may take longer if officers take your shipment to their warehouse for further inspection and investigation. We will provide you documents with customs proof of collection.

If you import goods from countries that have Free Trading Agreement with Australia such as the US, East Asia countries (China, Japan, Korea), South East Asia countries (Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia…) then your goods will be duty free.

But you must provide a stamped Certificate of Origin (COO) with Free Trading Agreement or COOFTA issued by customs at the origin country. Your supplier may be able to help you get one.

To claim GST, you will have to provide Import Declaration N10 under your ABN to your accountant once they lodge the quarterly BAS (Business Activity Statement).

To claim import duty, you will have to provide a COO then our customs broker will be able to help you to get a refund. However, it will cost another customs brokerage fee as customs brokers have to re-lodge your shipments.

With a professional team and multinational working experience in logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation. AUK Logistics not only can help you for customs clearance, but we are also able to move your shipments from most of the places around the world and deliver to your door. We are offering a reasonable price with a high level of services, please do not hesitate to contact us for quotations . We are ready to help you at any time.

Transportation, Dispatch and Delivery

For Air Freight, it will take around 3 working days after the flight arrives to get shipments ready. Air cargo terminal will need around 1 day to unload the shipments. Driver will arrange to pick up whole shipments on the next day and our warehouse will also need an extra 1 day to unpack, scan and label shipments.

For Sea Freight, it will take from 7 to 10 days to get your shipments ready after the vessel arrives at the port. Sea port normally takes around 3 days to discharge containers then the trucking company will be able to book time slots on following days to pick up containers for us. Due to containers having a big volume of shipments, our warehouse team needs extra time to unpack, organise, scan and label all the shipments.

If the customs clearance process is completed, your shipments will be collected by courier within 2 business days.  

If you located in the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan area, you may expect to receive your shipments from 1 to 3 business days after it has been dispatched.

For interstate, regional and remote areas will take up to 10 days to receive your package and transit time depends on the running speed of couriers.

We can help you to change the delivery address, but we must report to Customs and highly chances shipments will be under border hold for X-ray check. It will cost extra time to get your shipments.

Extra cost will be applied as we must report to customs, re-labelling and amend courier booking.

You want to reschedule delivery, missing and damaged parcels or any special inquiries. Please contact the courier in charge of delivery of your shipment directly.

We only in charge of customs clearance and warehouse handling services. After the shipment has been dispatched, couriers will be responsible for your shipments.

However, you can contact us to seek some support, we will also call couriers to check.

We are the corresponding agent in Australia who in charge of receiving, customs clearance and warehouse handling services of your shipments. 

Overseas agents and suppliers are the parties who are responsible for booking and sending to Australia.

As a receiving agent, we are receiving all shipments from overseas, helping you to arrange customs clearance and handover to couriers for last mile delivery. 

AUK Logistics holds a licensed 77G bonded warehouse under Border Protection Service Act, your shipments will always be protected under 24-hour surveillance.

Please contact suppliers or courier if total items not matching with what you have ordered. We will contact you and provide documents if Customs officers have inspected your shipments and taken some of the items.

To collect the shipments, you must provide your ID and we must report to Customs

Highly chances Customs will hold your shipment for X-ray check or inspection, and it will cost extra time to get your shipments clear.

Extra cost will be applied as we must report to Customs, re-labelling and cancel courier booking.

If you want to collect your shipments, please let us know in advance by 12:00pm on the day before pick up because it will take time to get your shipment ready to collect.

Normally, extra charges will not apply to most of the shipments.

However, if your shipments are bulky, heavy and you do not have a forklift onsite to unload the shipments, then we must arrange special trucks, or extra man to unload your shipments.

Please let us know prior the delivery if you don’t have forklift on site or need help to off-load.

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